Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lickety Split, Philadelphia PA

 One of the bands from last night and my host Sean.

The show went well last night. Quite a busy bar. Had to hand the tip jar round myself which is always embarrassing. I should have got a pretty girl to do it for me and given her half. I'd have made three times as much. It's sad but true. The next band did it and it worked.

I invited the couchsurfing community out as I always do to promote and a lot came out. I crashed with Sean and his soup book. A nice guy and I had a good night with everyone but... the downside of couchsurfing is that you go home when the host wants to go home. Which was 3am. Then up early to come to the studio.

I can moan in the blog but I don't whine to other musicians anymore. I made that mistake in Cologne once, saying how I'd driven 9 hours to get here - since 7am. And he said oh really, I got up at 3 after two hours sleep to get a 7am flight.

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