Friday, 6 November 2009

Progress report

Well it's all sounding very good here in the studio. We've been working on Debt Train and ADD. I say we but I've been sitting here on the laptop advancing and booking. Got to keep the train rolling

Debt train

I think they've done an amazing a job. Chris is a wonderful arranger and multi-instrumentalist. Debt train they had sound good already, but now we put the same instruments on ADD and it sounds like a film soundtrack. All the sounds are from Chris on the keyboard which is pretty impressive.

I think it helps that we're sticking to a palette of sounds - a souped up marching band... sousaphone, cymbals, strings, snare, guitar, piano. Certain songs fit with this and I'm thinking of old ones to use here, that weren't hits or stuff I even play live but will really come to life with this set-up.

Anyway, listen to the ones we have and please let me know what you think.

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