Friday, 11 December 2009

La Taverne du Théâtre, La Louviere, BE: The Stutters II

I fell back in love with the Stutters again last night. Their third gig since reforming after they imploded when their Danish drummer, the late Andreas Langhorn (he's not dead just unreliable) moved back to build a goat and coffee plantation.

They wowed the rockers of Southern Belgium and with their new drummer Darko from Slovakia, and almost all new songs. These boys will go far. 

We had a great night on a tidal wave of beer, but if every night was like that I wouldn't be able to play many shows a year.

To those that just rocked I salute you.

Darko didn't remember buying beers in the hotel after the show but I have the proof. I managed to get a separate room before the mayhem ensued. Unfortunately that was the room next door to them. They finally quietened down when the manager threatened to call the police. Rock and roll.

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  1. I heard something of some late night swimming....what about that?