Friday, 26 February 2010

Cafe Le Xe, vevey Switzerland

Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether it's all worthwhile. Seeing all the new places and getting paid to do it. The free food and drink. The attention. Such effort and sacrifice.

Take today for example, waking up on the banks of Lake Geneva with the overpowering mountains in the background. Walking along the banks in the hot sun, trying to decide which cafe to go to (one of the countless pressing decisions that have to be made every day), then killing time before the long lunch. Then buying a newspaper and getting on the train for another ordeal. Charlie Chaplin retired in Vevey. Poor fella.

Last night was also draining. There was no transportation to the venue so I had to walk all the way. It was next door. You think they would have porters. They made me eat as soon as I arrived while they set up. 

After the show some of the locals dragged me back to their art gallery and made me drink the best local wine. I managed to get through it.

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