Friday, 26 February 2010

The dream

I keep refining my dream of a weekly residency in New York. Writing
mainly topical songs and performing a completely new set every week.
It is realistic. It takes two hours to write a song once you have the
inspiration. And the good musicians (of which there aren't very many
unfortunately ) can play along with songs they've never heard before.
Writing in the week and practicing and performing on a Saturday. The
proletariat would pay to see the show and it would be recorded and
sold as a podcast next day.
Spike Milligan springs to mind, writing the Goon Show every week.
Hugely exhausting but the best work he ever did. I wrote another song
this morning in one sitting. You might not know that I have another
blog for new songs. It's on my website under 'lyrics'.
Anyway, the old system of 12 songs every two years definitely isn't for me. OK, if you're making huge arrangements, but I'm not into the music. I have always worked with musicians and producers who added layers on top of my songs. I want nothing to do with it. I dont need to be there. Working with different talented people and giving them complete freedom means that my songs will keep sounding new, original and changing, whereas in fact I'm playing the same four chords, with similar melodies and about the same sorts of things every time.

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