Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Frog Cafe, Noveller IT

Italian car repairs. Andrea from the cafe drove me to the train
station thus morning. I stayed in his house last night above the cafe.
I prefer houses or band apartments because I can make my porridge in
the morning. Cold continental hotel breakfasts really don't agree with
me. I've tried forcing my way into the kitchen and commandeering a
saucepan but they often put up a struggle.

A nice easy show last night. But it was very quiet. Monday. Normally I
avoid it but they paid so I came. I can play for an hour on autopilot
now. I was more background music, so I just practice new songs and
play for myself.

The first week is not good to play in Italy anyway. Because people get
their salaries at the end of the first week, so people are waiting for
their money. January on the whole is quite sparse. I did alright but
next year I'll wait until February before hitting the road. I only
have nine shows in February now unfortunately, because France and
Spain really didn't come through. Now I come to the time I am actually
pleased to have the time off. More time to do booking and work on songs.

My to do list includes:
- Memorise more of my songs and covers for the set (dropping a few
known songs in helps connect more with the audience)
- Booking of course. Fill in the gaps for Canada and the US and start
with Scandinavia in July.
- Get my songs and dates up on all those shitty little websites like
Last.fm, ilike, spotify, etc. A plague on their houses. The little
time stealers. The internet makes this life possible but asks for its
pound of flesh.
- Get some dry cleaning done
- Go swimming. My only exercise has been carrying my bag up and

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