Thursday, 4 March 2010


It was good to see Kariin again. I have been homeless (or should that
be homefull because I have lived in a different place every night) for
8 months now and she was the first place I couchsurfed so it was kind
of a homecoming.
People who haven't done it have a strong reaction when you tell them
about couchsurfing. "my God you let stangers into your house?" or "my
God you stay in strangers houses". If you read the right papers it's
been proven that 92% of the people we don't know are rapists,
murderers and paedophiles.
What you don't realise until you've done it is that there us a
couchsurfing type of person: ultra-social, outgoing,
conversationalist, etc. Well-travelled, therefore open-minded. Making
a good easy-going host or a careful considerate guest.
So when people offer to ask their friends to put me up, I usually say
I'd rather find someone through couchsurfing. You can see their
profile and reviews and find the best people for you.
I prefer older people. They are more likely to have a spare room.
Couchsurfing is packed with 20 something backpackers who want to
return the favour. But they usually share a house with five other
people and you sleep in the over used communal room or on a floor in
the room with them. And there are few things worse than driving 9
hours ready to crash to find a party in progress (you can tell I'm not
a natural couchsurfer, that would be a delight for most).
So the old retired couples are best if you can get them (there aren't
many on there), to wash your clothes, make you dinner, scrub your
back and read you a story. Maybe even host a house concert for you
so you don't have to leave the house. Ah the quiet life.

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