Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Quiet Man - Bonn, Germany

A great crowd, a great night. I came off my fast in celebration. I had
a bowl of soup. It's the glamourous life for me.

Gale, an Englishwoman in Bonn got me the show, she saw me last time I
played in Bonn at Katriin's birthday, who I was recommended to via a
band called Hobopop on couchsurfing. It's a long chain. That was the
third time I'd played in Bonn. The two times before that was in a bar
called Mausefalle (mousetrap) and no one came.

An Irish Pub packed with couchsurfers. An excellent formula. I should
really try a different approach to booking. It's more time-consuming
but more worthwhile, to find audiences rather than venues. Getting
booked is the easy part, it's getting an audience that takes time.
Maybe I should join facebook finally? No, I still can't face it.

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