Thursday, 4 March 2010

Steinbruch, Duisburg - Germany

I've played there three times and Sebastian the booker is a very bice
guy, and I stay in his house. It's starting to be nice coming back to
the same places and see familiar friendly faces (I thought I would get
bored) but it's good to know where everything is... the venue, a
swimming pool, a good Indian, where the wifi is, where has good tea
and cakes, who sells the Guardian, and how to get around... The simple
sustenance you need.

I played with a couple from Italy, Francesca and Zeno, and Stef the
regular host of the evening. I played nearly all new songs so wasn't
as polished as normal. And I'm still not finished with the fast so
there wasn't much to do in the venue. Eating and drinking took up a
large part of the day I now realize.

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