Tuesday, 16 March 2010

To Texas

Off to Austin for SXSW the industry schmooze-fest today. I'm nit
playing, just observing. I could have paid $500 and attended all the
seminars and events. The old Jack would have burnt himself out trying
to see everything, but I'm not a searcher anymore. There are plenty of
free events I've heard, with everyone offering free food and drink
just to get an audience. I've made no plans, I'm just going to wander
round and see what I see.

I need a rest after these four days. It's quite tiring in the studio.
Not that I did much but sit around after the first day, but it
requires attention and they're 12 hour days. The drama is another
factor from all the characters involved. Yesterday afternoon for
example, Kevin was threatened by the owner of the last studio who says
he owes him money, then he fell off his chair cutting his leg open,
and one of his other clients, a 19 year old lad had come off his
medication and called up to discuss suicide. In the evening an old
country star came in to record for a couple of hours, smelling like he
hadn't washed in a month. A pretty quiet day.

But from chaos often comes greatness and I'm delighted with what we

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