Thursday, 3 June 2010

Australia here we come

I just got this email from Veronica, the girl I met in Seattle who's moving back to Australia and wants to start a booking agency there, with me as her first client.

It's the sort of email that puts me in a good mood for weeks! I don't get enough of them. It would be so fantastic having someone else booking me like this. I'd go for up to 4 months if there are enough shows. Fantastic news!

"Hey Jack!

So , I am thinking if you do an east coast in oz only you would need about 2 - 4 months. You would be probably best to fly to Western oz / perth ( as it is a little dot on the other side of the country and nothing much in between) and you could move up and down that coast, the west coast isent very populated but you could fit a couple of gigs in at perth.

Australia is pretty big , similar to canada with distances , bike would be a stretch I'm thinkin, but it would be a good workout for you!!. Prob best to bus it (greyhound) or rent a car , as there are a heap of little places along the coast and inland that I could find you gigs at.

Prob best to start in melbourne ( where I will be living) on the southern tip ( or you could start the other way roudnin the north / brisbane , but weather best from south to north as it would be turning to winter around april ish). I could get you a good 4 - 8 gigs in melbourne , big music town and heaps and heaps and heaps of venues, awsome little bars and the such and a very appreciative audiance. Up the coast heading north, 6 stops for possible gigs on the way to sydney where you could spend an entire week and even more and book solid ( and canberra too) , up to 10, I am thinking. Then heading north there are alot of awsome little places where festivals and what not will be on late march into april ( byron bay as an example) . Then Gold Coast where you could get up to and around 8 gigs as it s big strecth of populated coast, then brisbane which is another big city and where my family is from, another 6 or so and then you can even keep heading north, up the beutiful beaches of sunshine coast. And then from there its reef and islands galore and then cairns ( where its hot hot hot , winter time best up there).

There are tons and tons of venues in oz and I can look after that for you ( just have to re-ignite my old network), as well as some nice couch surfing.
The east cost trip would seem the most feasible , but if you really wanted to adventure ( even get into the rainforests up north and the big red rock in the middle ) then you would need another 2 months probably.

I have some awsome media contacts on the east coast still and can handle that aswell. I mentioned to you about a radio station that is huge in Oz , Triple J. Check thier site

. If we managed to get you on there, then you would be totally sorted!!"

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