Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Algarve

Changing buses in Faro, portugal and I've an hour to walk around
(actually two because I didn't know Portugal is an hour behind - I
could have booked the earlier bus). It's very nice here, despite the
rain. (And cheap, €1 for tea, it will be €4 in Paris next week).
Lots of expats here. I'm sure I could have set up a string of shows
here if I was staying longer. Pissed off about that. I planned the
shows based on the eurorail pass, and had to have many shows strung
together to pay for it. I'll come with the bicycle next time and stay
as long as I like. So much to see. Everyday I get asked when I'm going
to stop travelling, but I still haven't cycled up Australia, ridden
across Thailand, had a residency in a New Zealand ski resort, busked
in Brazil, played on a cruise to South Africa, on a game show in
Japan, in a Theatre in Norway, a beach bar in Hawaii, a sex theatre in
Amsterdam (actually I did that one already). And that's just this
planet. It will take me a while. The moons of Jupiter will be hosting
couch concerts by the time I'm finished.

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