Thursday, 4 November 2010

Night train

I hate the night trains. Some people get around europe on them -
saving the price of a hostel. I met a British librarian in the station
and we had a hot chocolate and rum (diamond combination) to keep out
the cold while waiting. He helped me get my bike into the bike bag I
bought in the day. That was a hard purchase, not because I had to go
round four bike shops to find it, or that it cost €120, but because
it's a big material posession I have to carry around now. I needed
though or they wouldn't take the bike on the train. You should have
seen me zigzagging down the platform with the bike on my back and a
pannier in each hand. And I'm supposed to be travelling light. It was
a hell of a night getting those on and off trains. The first left
Ljubljana at 2am. I had to change trains in Zagreb at 4.30am and wait
half an hour in the cold for the next one to Serbia. All because I
booked these shows together in haste without checking the train
connections. At least this is the last tight connection. I can go at
my own pace now down to Greece without a lot of shows to worry about.

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