Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I will get down to Greece on night trains (I hope they take the bike) with a few shows along the way. Take a week to chill. Then the ferry to Italy, cycle up along the heel for a few days then take the train the rest of the way to Rome. Meet up with the very talented Alaskan superstar Emma Hill who's joining me on the road for a month (a gigswap thing - I will tour Alaska with her in the summer). Then up to Reggio Emilia, then the night train to Barcelona, and then I'll leave the bike there, then round Spain and Portugal. And that's November. (Still gaps though so if you know someone who wants a Couch Concert let me know):
M 1-11-2010 Postojna IT
T 2-11-2010 Ljubljana Slovenia
W 3-11-2010 Ljubljana Slovenia - Daktari - Trubarjeva
T 4-11-2010 Novi Sad Serbia Ananda - Vojvode Bojovica 4/26
F 5-11-2010 Indjija Serbia ALFA caffe - Vojvode Stepe
S 6-11-2010 Belgrade Serbia
S 7-11-2010 Sofia Bulgaria
M 8-11-2010 Thessaloniki Greece
T 9-11-2010 Thessaloniki Greece - Couch concert
W 10-11-2010 Sindos Greece
T 11-11-2010 Athens Greece
F 12-11-2010 Athens Greece - Couch concert
S 13-11-2010 Athens Greece
S 14-11-2010 Italy IT
M 15-11-2010 Italy IT
T 16-11-2010 Italy IT
W 17-11-2010 Italy IT
T 18-11-2010 Rome IT - Couch concert
F 19-11-2010 Reggio Emilia IT House concert - 16, via delle piante
S 20-11-2010 Milan IT
S 21-11-2010 [Train] -
M 22-11-2010 Barcelona SP Sala Monasterio - Passeig Isabel II, nÂș4
T 23-11-2010 Barcelona SP
W 24-11-2010 Valencia SP
T 25-11-2010 Madrid SP Wurlitzer Ballroom - C/Tres cruces 12
F 26-11-2010 Seville SP House Concert
S 27-11-2010 Lisbon PR House Concert
S 28-11-2010 Aveiro PR House Concert
M 29-11-2010 France FR
T 30-11-2010 France FR

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