Friday, 19 November 2010

Train life

So, nice to have someone along again. She has better personal hygiene
than Steini. Only 22 but already very experienced with touring, and is
nice and relaxed about it, even though it's her first time in Europe.
When I was touring round the states I said to a lot of artists that
they should come over in Europe with me but Emma was the only one to
take me up on it.

We missed the early slow train to Reggio Emilia by a minute so we're
on the faster later train so we'll get there earlier, which is more
expensive. Emma will help me save money I expenses I think, which is
good as funds are low. She has an eye on the price and when I'm on my
own I splash out on the odd comforter, like a bed instead of the
floor. (Etc. I'm on the train so there's not much else to do than
write long blog posts.

Follow Emma's more interesting blog at (she can't remember the link
right now but it's on

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