Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tuckered out

Poor old Emma. Jetlagged and getting by in 3 hours sleep a night. I
have to look after her. She's like the illegitamite little sister that
I never really wanted. Only 22 but already played 100s of shows, and
has no home either. Only last month, jet-blue airline in the states
had an offer for unlimited flights in the states for $500 for a month,
so she bought a ticket and booked a whole US tour with only a few
weeks notice. Utterly exhausting to plan let alone do, travelling
every day, sleeping in airports, floors and chairs. Now she's come
over to join my tour for a rest. It's good to have somebody stupider
than me along. Makes me look sane. I could tell her to slow down
because her health is suffering, but she wouldn't listen.

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