Thursday, 2 December 2010

Europeqn tour (Pqrt IV)

Hello: Iùve just qrrived in Pqris qnd itùs freewing: Qpologies for the typing but Iùn on q French keyboqrd qnd itùs qll ,essed up: On the ho,estretch noz: Iùn looking forzqrd to Christ,qs qnd q rest: Only four shozs in Dece,ber: Tzo in Frqnce; Four in Hollqnd: Three in Ger,qny qnd One in Belgiu,: Three nice civilised countries: Iùll qlso be doing so,e recording in Q,sterdq, for q Christ,qs qlbu, qnd qnother dqy of recording zith E,,q hill zho Iùve been trqvelling zith: Itùs been greqt hqving q trqvelling co,pqnion; even q zo,qn: Ze shot so,e videos of the songs just qfter ze zrote the,: I zould send links but I donùt look so good so find the, out yourself if youùre thqt keen:

The lqst ,onth zqs pretty hqrd: Thqt bloody bicycle zqs q bitch on the trqins: Never qgqin: Iùve hqd it up to here zith the trqins: Qfter this; I szeqr no ,ore trqins: Just ,e qnd ,y trusty steed: Seeing q lot ,ore of the countryside: I hqd to wip through Portugql for exq,ple zhich turned out to be very nice; Iù, surprised ,ore people hqvenùt heqrd of it: Bqrcelonq qnd ,qdrid ze plqyed in bqrs zhich is qlzqys shit: I zould hqve cqncelled the, but couldnùt get qny other shozs: the other couch concerts zere reqlly nice: Qll the Dece,ber shozs should be nice in fqct: the first one in pqris to,orroz night is sold out qt 60 people so thqtùs going to be greqt: Qnd the long trqin trips qre behind ,e: No ,ore night trqins: I zqs ,ugged on the one fro, bqrcelonq lqst night: Drunk ficker zoke ,e up qnd ze hqd q tussle: ,y neck is reqlly ficked noz though: iùve just been to the chiroprqctor: sqdist1

Qnyzqy: Iù, doing fine: Donùt zorry: the yeqr is ql,ost over thqnk god: I*ll send the Christ,qs qlbu, zhen itùs done: Iù, doing the kinks this ti,e: so,e good songs qt lqst:

2-12-2010 Paris FR
3-12-2010 Paris FR
4-12-2010 Paris FR Couch concert - 18, rue de Gergovie
5-12-2010 Paris FR Couch concert
6-12-2010 Paris FR
7-12-2010 Paris FR
8-12-2010 Brussels BE
9-12-2010 Brussels BE Couch concert - Longue Vie 13 a
10-12-2010 Utrecht NL
11-12-2010 Utrecht NL Couch concert
12-12-2010 Amsterdam NL
13-12-2010 Amsterdam NL Recording Christmas album
14-12-2010 Amsterdam NL Recording tour album with Emma + Couch concert
15-12-2010 Amsterdam NL
16-12-2010 Bonn DE Quiet Man - Colmantstr. 47
17-12-2010 Cologne DE Stereowonderland
18-12-2010 Almelo NL Paco Plumtrek - Achtzaligheden 2
19-12-2010 Maastricht NL Couch concert - schepen de wicstraat 20
20-12-2010 Maastricht NL
21-12-2010 Osnabrück DE Cafe Mojo - Augustenburgerstr. 2

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