Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Last show of the year

The end! Of the year. It was a long year. I'm glad I did it but I
wouldn't do it again. 150 shows... Or 200. Depends on who asks me. I
haven't added then up properly. Either way it was too many. Next year
I'm cutting back. Less but better shows. I prefer the travelling to
the playing.

The last show was in Osnabruck. It was their monthly full moon concert
series which is usually well attended, but there was a big show at the
weekend and Christmas which cut attendance. There was only €39 in the
hat. Thankfully I had a guarantee of €100, but that just covered the
trains, as my Eurail has run out. Good job Enma didn't come.
Nevermind. The cafe owner, David, was a great guy and made it a good
night. We played Liar's Dice and swapped stories.

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