Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I find it often helps to give an album a second plug, so if you
downloaded the Christmas Kinks tribute album, can you please regift
it? (It's the only time when it's socially acceptable.)

If you're interested in the mechanics of indie music promotion: I have
10,000 (incl old addresses) on my mailing list, 2,500 open the email,
250 click the link and 50 download. It's pretty poor percentages, but
that's email for you.

The Christmas album cost me almost €400. They were top musicians
working for cheap and it sounds great and I have it for life and I
wanted to do it, so it's a bargain price, but.... that works out at a
Christmas gift of €8 to everyone who downloaded it, which is more
than I'm spending on my mother (they're nice syrup waffels though).

So if you could help me in some way, so I can tell my mum I got more than 50
downloads, by passing on the link to friends and family, I'd be very
grateful. Merry Christmas! Jack

Download it at (music page)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jack,
    It's sad to hear so little people get to enjoy your music. It can't be the quality that's keeping them from it. 'The very best of the Kinks' was one of the cd's my brother and I were always 'borrowing' from our dad. The songs bring my straight back into nostalgia. I've shared the link with them, we'll enjoy the songs with the family at Christmas :-).