Friday, 1 April 2011

Cann River

We rode about 75km up and down from Orbost to Cann River, a tiny logging town. It was good riding with the sun out through the trees all day. Rory is strong on the climbs and waits for me at the top. He used to work as a cycle courier so even though he's on an old racer and rides in sandles he's still got it. Alec hitchiked ahead and when we rocked in he'd sorted us out a gig in the hotel pub for food and drinks, a place to shower, and somewhere to put the tent. We didn't even have to play very long as people were talking a lot but they still put goldies in the hat. It's funny walking out of a pub with more money than you went in with, just because you play a tune or two. People are really looking after us and everyday we meet so many people who want to hear our story.

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