Wednesday, 6 April 2011


We're staying in a hostel/camp in the forest a few miles out of Merrimula. Veronica found it through the eco-village network. We were going to play a show but only one guy turned up so we got drunk. Even better! Our host Tony who runs the place is a real character. He was a protester against the logging industry for many years and even took on the state and won an action in the supreme court against the state, representing himself. A crusader. And a painter. Renaissance man. We busked in Merrimula yesterday. Alec is going in again today to get his leg looked at. Poor guy still can't ride. The ride to here from Mallacoota was tough. Only 85km but up and down and took us 7 hours. It's always harder after a day off. I've kept moving on this stop, borrowing a mountain bike and checking the trails for Tony. The boys raked a lot of it. Nice to be helping out. Today is chilled with the hangovers. Only 20km on to the next town and a pub gig.

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