Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tethra and Bega

Just coming to the end of four nights in hotels. Beats the tent. Two in Tethra, a beautiful peninsula. The first sunrises on the east coast, magical. We played the hotel there and then the Grand Hotel inland in Bega. Plus a benefit for instruments to go to East Timor. And on local radio. And busking. All went really well. A big thank you to Andrea for setting them up.

We're starting to gel as a band and the set has lots if highlights, including Alec's French rapping and Rory's keyboard solo. We've already got a catalog of songs, hope we can record in Sydney.

Busking is good fun. People don't know quite what to make of it. It's an eccentric act.

It's all a bit full-on though, always hustling and pushing. It takes effort to tune off. Mini-golf was good and I played in a pool tournament. But mostly it's music music cycling music.

No idea where we're going to be tomorrow. Just heading north.

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