Saturday, 13 August 2011

And that was Indonesia

A big thanks to everyone who helped us with the tour. Joy, mama elie, hendra and all the art network. We'll be back for longer next time.

We left at 6am to get a taxi to pick up the tandem from the station and then hire a bus to get to the airport, anticipating huge delays, traffic and problem but it all went fine and we're here hours early. Sunday morning thankfully. We waited at the station outside the parcel office for hours until we realised it was locked from the inside so the workers were asleep in there. Banged loudly and they came out. Taxis were too small for the tandem so we gave one of the small buses $30 (a small fortune) to take it over and the driver was over the moon. The airline has no problem with the tandem either, just $25 extra. Our stars were aligned.

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