Thursday, 4 August 2011

Toilet technique

The toilets take some getting used to here when you've a solid job. The crouching is good. And they use water instead of paper which is another plus, especially in the heat. The first places had a hose next to the toilet which was very good, like a mobile bday, and toilet paper to dry afterwards. But now we're in the sticks and it's a bucket and a scoop and a wet arse if you don't have a towel (although with all the spicy food leaving it wet and cool for a bit afterwards isn't a bad thing). I don't have the right technique yet. I think you pour the scoop from behind with the right hand, and cup and scrub with the left. You get water over your feet and everywhere. There's no soap either unless you bring your own so it's not a thorough job. Everyone uses their right hand for food when they scoop your food at the markets so it's ok.

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