Monday, 25 June 2012

My gig in The Central on Saturday night

A nice gig in front of a small but well-formed audience. Only my second show this year! Last year I did over 200.

The F holes

The F holes - Rocking ragtime band. From Winnipeg. Definitely worth checking out.!

Lauren Mann and the fairly odd folk

Lauren Mann - Look as good as they sound. Fairy tale folk pop

Toronto buskers

That's my kind of drumkit


Went to a ping pong bar owned by Susan Sarandon, with D'arcy who I know from Australia. He's travelling across Canada to raise money to end Polio. Great to meet someone so selfless. An inspiration.

Too much stuff

Rooftop gig


Gangstagrass - Hiphop bluegrass from Brooklyn. Wicked!


My wonderful host! A fellow Englander who relocated to Toronto many years ago. She looks after children with autism, so having me around is no problem.

NXNE - 1st night

I had a good first night in nxne, wandering around and seeing bands. This guy steve hill was on fire. Guitar and bass drum. Wicked blues riffs.
There's lots to see here. I need a bicycle though. The venues are only in one corner of the downtown, but that corner is 5by5km at least.

That's service

Zombies vs robots exhibit

Zombie killer

Something for my nephew Oscar

A room with a view

Two years since I was here last. They've built a few more skyscrapers since then.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rock Talk

My interview in Toronto is online at (June 16th edition)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Arrived in Toronto

Great to be back. 2 years since I was here last, also for nxne. It's information overload... After 6 months in Italy. Here I can understand and overhear what everyone's saying, can see all the shows, so much to read, to do, signs, shouting, tv, music, cinema, phew. It's an assault on the senses.

+ I recorded a radio interview yesterday for rock talk here in toronto. Check it out at at 8 pm EDT Saturday and 10 pm Sunday, and afterwards via iTunes podcast.