Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Only 13 people downloaded my new album. 13! It took a good two weeks to make, cost around $2000, I'm giving it away free and I emailed it out to 6301 'fans' of which 1134 opened the email and yet only 13 downloaded it. 13! How disappointing. I mean.... 13. That's very low. Just 13. Jeez. 13? Do I need to write better music or better emails?

Be the 14th....


A real nice show in De Nieuwe Anita last night. They're such lovely
people there.

Tomorrow I'm in Cafe Noorderlicht in the North of Amsterdam. An
outdoor show of two or three sets between the DJ. Should be nice.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

(Sort of) home

Couchsurfing in my own shop.
Good to be back in the Dam.
I play at De Nieuwe Anita tonight which is always a great show.

Monday, 28 June 2010

That was Iceland

I had a great week in Iceland. Four shows and many more friends.
Svavar Knutur was a fantastic performer. The best I've seen. He showed
me around his homeland with such enthusiasm. It ended on a sad note
with a visit to his village and I saw where his father died in an
avalanche. I got a real insight into a truly genuine guy.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goodnight to the locals


Neither sunrise nor sunset

2.30am rainbow

All thanks to YouTube

Karaoke after party crazy Icelandic style

Show in the North of Iceland

In Isafjordur. The 'real' Iceland


He sang all the way. 8 hours of gibberish

7km long tunnel

The view

A beautiful (but long drive) 8 hour drive.

Local celebrity

Svavar is a big star in the Fjords

The bride sings

To an Icelandic wedding


To the Western Fjords

My crew

You make fast friends on the road and I feel like I've known these
guys for a while. In the summmertime more than half the people in
Iceland are foreigners.


I saw a good Icelandicband last night after my show. Check em out
The local equivalent of the Arcade Fire. The singer looks like a
young Christopher Walken which is never a bad thing. That's not makeup
baby, that's life. On the whole I've been disappointed with the
appearance. I expected everyone to look like Bjork but they just look
Danish. I'm heading up North today. Maybe that's where the pixies hide.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Blue Lagoon

I made it to the Blue Lagoon. Thats me behind the camera. Definitely
worth it Pablo. Travel tip: go on your way too or from the airport,
because you have to pay for that bus anyway and it saves a bit. It
would have been extra good after the long flight.

Too many options

I've mostly seen the World Cup in the English Pub

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hjalmar, Icelandic reggae

Seeing some of the local talent this evening. My show went well. I did
it as a play for a change.

Midsummer night preparations

They're Lithuianians though. Unfortunately Iceland doesn't celebrate it.

Jetlag in Reykjavik

3am in Iceland is this bright. It doesn't get dark. Jetlag is a real trip here.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Booking Reykyavik

Missed out on a nights sleep last night, with the short overnight
flight that I didn't sleep on, but today was too full to sleep. Myrra
Ros, a local artist, took me around the bars and I got shows on Friday
and Sunday to add to Thursdays show, all in bars within a stones
throw. Everyone knows everyone in Reykjavik. If only all towns were
like this, booking would be a weekly walk.


I've arrived in Iceland on my birthday. It's nice and sunny. It's hard
to pick a defining image so I'll just go for this Viking that
overlooks the city. They're big on Vikings here. Vikings and pixies.
It's smaller and less grand than I thought it would be. Refreshing
after Toronto and it's G20 preparations. That was a living breathing
police state. Surreal with it's huge fence cutting up downtown and
windows boarded up and sculptures covered with wood and everything not
tied down taken away, like they're preparing for civil war. I'm off to
the thermal baths to forget all about it.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Svavur Knutur

A delightful Icelandic artist. Delicate or hilarious. At his best
singing about diaorrea, hating Danes and Leipzig. Hate songs are the

He can get me a show in Reijkavik on Wednesday and then drive to see
the Western Fjords at the weekend. I didn't even know there were
fjords. So suddenly my week is sorted at the last minute.

I also met someone from Hawaii for a show in May.

And at my showcase there were some well-known Canadian journalists.
All good stuff.

The Emma Hill band again

Flea market

No temptation anymore

Mary is my CS host

Showing me around the city. I've seen a much better side of the city
than I did a month ago, because I'm staying downtown

Art city


Festivals over. I had a great time. Now I have three days off to
explore Toronto

The new iPhone

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Chris Velan

Another great act. Sounds like Paul Simon but looping everything.
Again best seen live.

Someone should make a music festival:
Best looper
Best sampler
Best guitarist

Pete Samples

Truly excellent. Gave me a belief that there are people out there who
are great.

Google him.

Act is best seen live. Sings along to the laptop and goes wild.

Spaceships are cool from Nottingham

Good fun. I haven't seen an English band in years. Makes you realise
how funny we talk.

Better shot

At the back

Band on the bar

Back in the Cameron House. A great venue

Q & A with director

Exile in Mainstreet documentary premiere

Iggy Pop


Early protestor

Climbing the security G20 security fence.

Toronto has spent $1.5bn on the conference. People are up in arms
about it. It's truly ridiculous

Friday, 18 June 2010

The DJ

Top 60s tunes


I had the crowd onstage again for the first song. It looked great, but
I didn't get a photo. Sorry


The sound guy

Been around and the world

Characters I meet

Michael is temping at a security company for G20 and made Barack
Obama's security badge today.

Act 5

I missed one

Act 2