Sunday, 31 March 2013


Not sure of this one

Front view

There were five elephants in the parade. They didn't look to happy, particularly walking down the steep steps out of the temple. How they made it I don't know

Waiting for elephants

One god

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Back view

Peacock man

33,000,000 gods

They have millions of gods in the Hindi religion, and most were represented in the parade

Festival season

Festival season is coming to an end. I saw a massive parade leaving the temple on Saturday.

Varkala beach

A famous holy site in India is just along the beach from where I'm staying. You can have all your sins washed away in a short 5 minute ceremony

Back treatment

Got some relief from back pain yesterday. Hot medicinal oil soaks in. I have a vertebra out of place, for a long time now. Seen many chiropractors in europe but none could fix it. The doctor here can do it but it takes 41 days - preparation, adjustment, wrapping, etc. Something for next time!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ayurveda treatment

Ready for daily Ayurveda therapy with Deva, my masseur. The doctor said I wasn't strong enough to do a panchakarma so I'm having a 2 week rejuvenation therapy instead. (I'd had a fever after the typhoid vaccine). It's good treatment, medicine before and after food (revolting liquids), and daily massages (great but I'm stained yellow and staining everything yellow). Today's treatment was clearer the blocked sinuses, which was the reason for my headaches.

Quay in Cochin

The day's tuna catch


A beautiful state in the south west of India. Very very warm. 33 degrees, but with the humidity it feels like 43! Kerala is a socialist state and voted in communist government in 1957, the first in the world. The people are really nice and there's a great vibe.

First view of India

Landed in Delhi and had almost a week battling the mass of people and traffic and noise and pollution and a fever brought on by my vaccinations. Delhi was too much for me.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Amsterdam > India

I'm finally going to India for a month next week - it's been a long time wishing but now at last. I'll be heading to Kerala in the south, staying at the Mother and Child Foundation for two weeks helping out where I can, and then doing a Panchakarma, ayurvedic treatment for the rest of the time. 

 But before that I have a house concert in Amsterdam this coming Friday (8th March) and you are invited. 86 Haarlemmerstraat. Welcome from 8pm - start at 9pm. Please RSVP to jackstafford[at] so I know numbers - you're welcome to bring others. Bring your own booze. Suggested donation is €10 if you can afford it, to help pay for my flight back from India, otherwise I have to stay.

On the port in Agropoli

Singing by the port in Agropoli, Campagna. Filmed by Vincenzo Iroutua. Apologies for the dodgy lip-syncing.