Saturday, 29 August 2009

The blog

A lot of friends have been asking me if I was going to keep a blog of my touring adventures and I've finally decided it might be nice. I fear they will be disappointed at the life though! I will exaggerate and embelish wherever I can. I will also use it to thank the many people who help me on my travels, without whose generosity none of this would be possible. (Firstly Julia who gave up her Berlin apartment for me for four days)

To recap... I gave up my apartment in Amsterdam on 5th August to tour full time. I've been touring Germany since then and am now in Berlin. The shows so far have been very good. There are some photos on my myspace.

I thought I had a show tonight in Grosshennersdorf near the border with Poland. I was sitting in the Stafford-mobile, ready to type the address into Tom Tom, my trusty computer co-pilot, when the page was nowhere to be found in the Tourbook. I made a b-line for the nearest wifi cafe to have my fears confirmed. Crossed wires. No show.

So I've nowhere to go and no place to go. I've texted my friends Ben and Innes (who I just had lunch with, and said a long goodbye, because I won't be back to Berlin until October next year) to ask if I can crash at their place tonight.

Nothing to do but start a blog.

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