Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Haven and Yale

My first night was in New Haven. I found a place through and stayed with a very nice couple, Mike a musician and Jing, who's doing her Law masters at Yale (still only 22!)

Today I went round the town (very small) with Mike and and fellow couchsurfers Matt and Amber from England, who have bought a van and are doing a US tour but without the music.

There's this huge mausoleum in the centre of town. It looks like the setting for the next Dan Brown novel, and it very could be because it's the Skull & Bones fraterity house, where the likes of Bush and Kerry had their fun. 

America is still talking of the Yale graduate student Annie Le who it seems was murdered by a lab technician. Obviously not a well-thought out crime, because you wouldn't leave the body in a high security area where only a few people have access.

New Haven is a strange town. The centre is filled with elite students, many of whom will get million dollar salaries later in life, and this is surrounded by ghetto areas where you shouldn't walk alone.

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