Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Torrential Toronto

It's terrible. No summer anywhere.

I went out to the swimming pool for a shower this morning rather than
brave the bathroom. Rough. I didn't sleep so well, on a camping bed
with all sorts of lumps. I have a different place every night in
Toronto so hope tonight will be bettter.

It's hard getting used to not having a car. Everything takes a lot
longer and a lot more planning.

To get to the South of Toronto from Richmond Hill - the Northern
Suburb I'm in - will take 2.5 hours (bus train and two long walks, and
that's if the connections are smooth. In the rain. With all my gear.

I'm really getting down to the bare esssentials. The car was a real
accumulator, and I left a bunch of stuff in San Francisco. Having to
carry everything and seeing Eric's place certainly makes you want to
get rid of everything. Death by stuff.

Unfortunately I'm having to carry two guitars as I need the pickup
taken out of my old guitar and put in mini-Martin, and can't do that
until after my NXNE showcase on Friday (never try anything new for a
big show).

I'm not sure whether to sell it here, Iceland, Amsterdam or the UK,
for the best price.

Oh and I had no problem getting back into Canada. A big surprise after
I'd overstayed my two-week tourist visa.

The festival/conference starts tomorrow so today will just be
laptopping here in my 1950s diner.

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