Monday, 9 August 2010

Europe part 1

off again. Scandinavia and Eastern Europe first. 

I'm delighted to have so many house concerts (the best shows by far) and want to thank all the couchsurfing people who are hosting (almost all of) them. What an amazing group of people. Learn more and join 

If I was planning the tour again I'd take a year to do the same route. It's going to be too fast. But booking is such a difficult task that I stuck to the capital cities to make it easier. I only thought of the CSing concerts to fill in the gaps later once I'd already nailed down the route. Nevermind. It will be a whirlwind trip. I think this will be the last time I book like this though: nailing everything down months in advance takes a lot of the fun and freedom out of it. Some places you want to stay longer and some you can't wait to leave. 

As well as booking, I've been busy writing and memorising new songs (the latter takes 10 times longer than the former) and have a whole new set of songs so I can put to bed all the songs I've recorded so far and play fresh ones. It takes a month of playing a song live before it's polished enough to record. So once I have a new batch perfected I'll find a studio for an afternoon and record another album of acoustic tracks. 

The route:

Date, City, Country, Venue 
15-8-2010, Amsterdam, NL, Bos&LommerBeach
19-8-2010, Hamburg, DE, House Concert
20-8-2010, Kiel, DE, House Concert
21-8-2010, Copenhagen, DK
22-8-2010, Copenhagen, DK, Songwriter Festival, Raahuset, Stuen Feature Stage
23-8-2010, Aalborg, DK, House Concert
24-8-2010, Vejle, DK, House Concert
25-8-2010, Cologne, DE
26-8-2010, Cologne, DE, Todtalbar 
27-8-2010, Cologne, DE, Stereowonderland festival - Gebaude 9
28-8-2010, [Train]
29-8-2010, Gothenburg, SE, House Concert
30-8-2010, Stockholm, SE
31-8-2010, Stockholm, SE, House Concert
1-9-2010, [Boat], FI
2-9-2010, Finland, FI, Old Town Pub
3-9-2010, Nokia, FI
4-9-2010, Helsinki, FI
5-9-2010, Helsinki, FI, Bar Llamas
6-9-2010, Tallinn, EO 
7-9-2010, Tallinn, EO, House concert
8-9-2010, Tallinn, EO
9-9-2010, Riga, LA
10-9-2010, Riga, LA, House concert
11-9-2010, Kaunus, LT
12-9-2010, Vilnius, LT, House concert
13-9-2010, Vilnius, LT
14-9-2010, Warsaw, PL, House concert
15-9-2010, Warsaw, PL
16-9-2010, Krakow, PL
17-9-2010, Prague, CZ, House concert
18-9-2010, Berlin, BE, House concert
19-9-2010, Berlin, BE, House concert
20-9-2010, Berlin, BE
21-9-2010, Berlin, BE
22-9-2010, Berlin, DE, Ä
23-9-2010, Hamburg, DE, House Concert
24-9-2010, Hamburg, DE, Reeperbahn festival
25-9-2010, Unna, DE, Spatz and Wal

If you would like to attend a house concert please email me for the address. 

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