Friday, 20 May 2011


Alec ready for a new road.
Rory and I had a falling out for many different reasons - in the end a clash of personalities. So the album recording is off and I've left Byron with Maria to Brisbane. Poor Alec is left deciding what to do. It's a rough situation and I feel bad for him caught in the middle. He wrote many great songs together with Rory and it was a great band while it lasted. They can still go on to work together but I had to leave. The flames that burn the brightest, etc. It would have been great to have produced an album to capture and preserve all the experiences we had together, but making it would have been no fun. My plan now is to find work in Brisbane or Darwin for a month and arrange a boat to Indonesia with Maria. We have a special act together with her classical dancing style, which people have said is a bit Serge Gainsbourg-esque if you can picture it. I'm sure we'll pick up more musicians along the way and new chapters will be made. I learnt enormously from the last one. They were tremendous guys to travel with and with a bit of distance I'll look back on it with many fond memories.

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