Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Update from the boat

We´ve been at sea five days and having a great time. Long days, setting sail as the son rises. Making about 50miles a day to get up the coast. Did a bit of snorkeling but it was murky and windy and nerveracking. Caught two tuna so far which are deliscious and have kept our food stocks up. Only drama so far was waking up with a thump in the middle of the night as we crashed into another boat. the anchor drifted 200m and our chains got tangled. bit of damage but nothing serious, but a lot of stress untangling it. had to do anchor watch all night to check we didn´t drift further. up at 5am everyday and asleep by 9. all the fresh sea air. got a good rhythm though. no internet on the boat but i can update through the captains ´seamail´ account so will update if anything more eventful happens, otherwise it´s everyday long stretches of sailing where it´s too rough to do much else than watch the waves and play the guitar.

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