Friday, 6 October 2017


The last frontier. Thanks to the kindness of my good friend and local singer-songwriter-superstar Emma Hill, I have just finished a two-week tour of the state, playing intimate house concerts, listening rooms, noisy bars and even a speakeasy.

We travelled high and low. There is only one highway in Alaska. You either drive up it from Anchorage into the hinterland, past Denali and up to Fairbanks. Or down it to Seward and the coastline. I’m exaggerating a little but it’s true to say that most of Alaska is only accessible by plane. Maria and I toured in Emma’s car but did squeeze in one spectacular flight. Her Dad is a pilot and took us over a massive glacier to the East of Palmer. Truly awe-inspiring.
Flying above a glacier should be on everyone's bucket list

People were kind and welcoming. Even when I played ‘Donald, get out of here’ and it didn’t match with their politics. Coming from Italy makes from easy conversation as they all want to hear about life over there.

Animals were all majestic. We saw plenty up close, as no true Alaskan bar is complete without heads on the wall and skins stapled to the roof. The only place they’re safe from the trophy hunters is in the Denali national park, where cars aren’t even allowed. We had a 4-hour ride around and saw three moose, two caribou and a lone wolf. No bears though. But as everyone in Alaska has a bear scare story about their second cousin being attacked while putting out the trash, we were happy to miss out. The locals all walk around with bells on and shouting ‘friendly bear!’ every few moments. With a can of bare mace as backup. Although I’m not sure how effective it would be against a mama grizzly when it comes bursting out the bushes.

Food could have been better. But that’s because we ate out a lot in restaurants, where, as everywhere in the states, if you want fresh vegetables you better order a juice. The fish was very good of course, and we did get to try some home-smoked Salmon that was out of this world. We saw the most Alaskan cuisine at the state fair. I played on three different stages and ate weird and wonderful food between each. Elephant Ears and Funnel Cake. Unfortunately we missed the giant vegetables as they come in for judging in the second week.

Weather was terrible. Rain, rain, rain. And cold. If you come, come in June/July. Oh and the music… there is a very good music scene in Alaska. They really get behind their local artists. I even managed to squeeze in some recording time right at the end with producer Dennis Lind who I met at a spinning class. Listen to this special recording of ‘Plastic sea’.

The next adventure? Japan looks to be on the cards for 2018. I'm working on a set of Ayurvedic songs for Yoga Studios. And entering some festivals as well. If you'd like a house concert sometime in the future, please get in touch and I'll add you to the list.
Oh and one last Glacier picture to send you on your way

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