Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poor advancing

I was just about to get into the car to drive to Seattle for tonight's show when I thought I'd better check if it's still on and I found an email in my inbox from two days ago that it's cancelled. I've been a bit slack with advancing and planning and everything.

It's a strange feeling sitting in a cafe with no place to go. Nowhere to stay tonight. Especially with a hangover. You have to look at it positively. I just sent out a few requests to local couchsurfers to see if anyone will have me, otherwise I'll get a motel. It was a hotel I played in last night and they gave me a very nice room!

I only have about 10 shows in the next month or so, which is a good thing. I need some lengthy laptop sessions to get on top of everything. It's a pain in the butt - literally.

The coming weeks look like this:
5/30    Skylark Cafe & Club    Seattle    WA
Then stay in Seattle for four days.
6/4   The Anchor Pub    Everett    WA
Get on down to Portland
6/6    Mississippi Pizza    Portland    OR
Hang around in Portland for four days between shows.
6/10    Thirsty Lion Pub    Portland    OR
Two-day drive down Route 1 to San Francisco. Should be a beautiful drive. Wish I was spending more time in that area.
6/12    House concert - Live on Amaranta     Palo Alto    CA
Two days in San Francisco.
6/15   Fly to Toronto for NXNE
A week of meeting folks, watching shows and playing one show myself. It could be information overload though.
6/22   Fly to Rejkjavik
Five days in Iceland - need to organise one show
6/28   Fly to Amsterdam
A week of shows, sorting stuff out and watching the start of the Tour de France
7/5    Fly to England
And relax for a month.


  1. You've missed something. It should be:

    6/28 Fly to Amsterdam
    A week of shows, sorting stuff out, watching the start of the Tour de France AND MEETING OLD FRIENDS