Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Oh, the admin. I've really had enough of it.

I've spent all day again in a coffee shop looking for places to stay in San Francisco, Toronto and Iceland and no luck. Big cities are the hardest. It's such a drag.

I also did more booking for Europe but again no bites. It's been a while since I had any positive responses, and summers coming up - the worst time to book.

I still have to:
- Promote my NXNE showcase: find some way of getting the 'industry' people to come to my show there
- Post to couchsurfing groups in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to see if anyone would like to host a house concert
- Add more venue names to Italian and German databases
- Keep mailing European venues
- Promote Thursday's show in Portland. Call the radio and message on meetup.com and message people visiting Portland on couchsurfing.com to get people out
- Start building up a database of New Zealand venues

It really takes the edge of things when you have so much admin to do.


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  1. Finding some way of getting the 'industry' people to come to any show's a waste of time. Connecting with other like yourself might be more fruitful. Good luck. No sympathy.