Thursday, 6 January 2011

Closing down the shop... final suit sale!

So.... I've reopened my shop in Amsterdam to close it down. Make any sense? (It was rented out to other people while I was touring for the last 18 months, and now I'm touring for good, so I have to get rid of the last suits)

I have 28 of my zip-suits left. Just measure yourself or tell me your size. They were priced at €500 but now they're going for €50 (plus P+P). 90% off!!! I know! I'm practically giving them away. But these are the last ones I have and I want to be finished with the fashion business. A lot of people have said that they'd like one, so it's now or never folks! Read more about them at

There is also some women's clothing from Eleene in Paris
- But you'll have to come to the shop to see them. Vijzelstraat 67, Amsterdam

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