Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Do you want to come on tour with me?

The next phase of the never-ending tour is New Zealand and Australia. I'm cycling and would like some companions. If you're stuck for a holiday idea and want to join for a couple of weeks, it would certainly be a memorable trip. It's summer there you know.

It's couchsurfing all the way, so there are no accommodation costs and no limit to the number of people who can come along. Just your flight if you're not already there, and your bicycle if you don't have one. Daily distances are 100km max, then a rest day, so it should be manageable if you're in moderate shape, and if you're not you soon will be.

I do a great Forest Gump impression and can keep it up continuously for days on end "touring was like a box of chocolates" (it will be hilarious), I'll even grow the beard back, and if we can get a gang going along it will be a cavalcade of fun. If you're a musician or a performer you can join in or just tag along for the ride.

New Zealand: 16th February - 16th March = Auckland to Christchurch
Australia: 17th March - 17th June = Melbourne to Brisbane

I don't have the exact dates, or venues yet. My Australian booker, the wonderful Veronica Lake is putting the finishing touches to it, so I'll send them nearer the time. We're still open for couch concerts, if you know a friend who would like a show in their living room then please suggest it.

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