Thursday, 10 December 2009

Last Philadelphia track

Here's the last of the songs we managed to get finished in Philadelphia last week:

Dreams of plenty

It's funny how the four songs relate to each other. It's a waltz, same as ADD, but it has similar instruments and is closer in feel and subject to the Debt Train. (While Every Moment Matters doesn't relate to any of the others.) I wish I had more time to write some songs in this direction for a recession album but it's hard moving around every day. I'll just have to save them for when the next depression comes along.

I also wish we'd had more studio time, because this one in particular could do with some more instruments to fill it and break lose in both the breaks. I'd love to hear Mariachi trumpets. Chris could have got them out of the keyboards, because we couldn't afford more session guys. The accordion isn't real, it's from the keyboards, he's very talented. And mad.

Once I have the final mix I'll be emailing the songs out every six weeks to the mailing list, so please sign-up above if you want to receive them.

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