Sunday, 2 May 2010

CANCELLED - La Suite - Quebec City, QB

So I'm in Riviere du Loop watching the waterfall and I get a call.

From Michel, a Belgian couchsurfing living in Quebec.

He said he called the venue to check the details and it was cancelled. News to me. It was a paid show so I get in my car and drive.

To La Suite in Quebec.
And talk to the manager Phil. Who says it's not his fault -

 It's a shame because there were lots of couchsurfers who planned to come. One fan from Maine sent me flowers as well.

 All because of a hockey match I think.
 So I went to see Michel who was working next door.

And then Simon another couchsurfer drove me to the youth hostel.

The venue had reserved me a room with their credit card, which hadn't been charged yet, so I sweet-talked the receptionist, gave her the flowers and she charged them.

 And I got my own room.

Then I went and played pool with a group of 15 couchsurfers.

And then I went back to La Suite - to wait for the owner - drinking their most expensive whisky's until then - because Phil thought he could pay me off with drink.

They finally gave me $50 just to get out of there and I walked home.

In the morning I threw up all the whisky just to waste it.

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