Sunday, 2 May 2010

Introducing... The new star of the blog

I have a driver!

Steini from Cologne. Germans make the best drivers. I advertised for a
driver to my fans and Steini won.

I already knew him from playing in his bar - Sterowonderland. The
coolest bar in Cologne. He also runs the biggest fly postering company
in Germany.

He's a tour junkie. He just finished a tour with a band he's managing,
and after our 4-week stint he goes back with them. This is his summer
holiday as it's an unpaid position. He thought it was a more
professional tour than it is. He's been on many tours and used to
nightliner buses.

It's so great to have a driver. He thought it funny that I'm sitting
in the back but hey, if you have a driver....

So we're four weeks together. That's longer than most of my
relationships. I wonder what will annoy him in the car first. My socks
and underwear drying on the parcel shelf or the long vocal warmups?

1 comment:

  1. If he is such a true fan, how come I have never seen any comments from him on your blog? Ha!
    Just remember who your REAL friends are.