Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New album (1): Sabbatical's log

I've been busy in Bali recording two albums. The first is the songs from the 3 week journey by boat from Cairns to Darwin around Cape York aboard the Sabbatical. It was a difficult trip to say the least. The guy sailing the boat was a retired Dutch guy and his life was a real catalogue of miseries and he wasn't selfish in passing it on. Sailing every day all day and berating us for every little thing. No time to see the Great Barrier Reef or kick back. I had to grab writing time when the boat and my stomach stopped moving enough. I left on one demo track unfinished to give you an idea of what that would sound like. Thankfully Maria was with me and inspired more positive songs.

DOWNLOAD: I'm making these albums donation-based, so you pick the price. You need a Paypal account, but that's pretty easy to set up if you don't have one already. Asia is a quarter of the price of Australia but I can't busk anymore... they go by too fast on the scooters... so album sales would be a big help!!!


1. Making my life too hard [2:36]
2. Dog's life [2:49]
3. 34 years old and a birthday at sea [3:16]
4. Reportarla a casa [2:12]
5. Love is happiness [2:05]
6. You can't say no to love [2:47]
7. Sailing [1:21]
8. Letting go [3:03] 
9. I'm not sea sick, just sick of the sea [2:36]
10. Gulf of Carpentaria [3:01]
11. The model [3:02]

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