Monday, 25 July 2011

Roadside refreshment

We cycled back to the Green Village again yesterday. 2 hours there and 2 back in the heat. Oppressive! The scooters make the air so dirty. My white shirt went brown from the fumes. Coconuts are the plus point.

Maria is interested to work in the Green Village building the bamboo houses. A dream for an architect, it's like working with a giant model, and ideas turn into reality overnight rather than the years it takes in Europe. We had another tour and it sounds promising. Don't know what this would mean for our travel plans, but the plan us no plan.

We met a nice guy through couchsurfing called Herard and he can get us some house concerts through his Fine Art performance network here and in Java. Too many options. I can get a visa extension of another 30 days and do some yoga/Ayurveda courses in Ubud which is a hub for these things, so I wouldn't complain about having to stay longer in Bali.

(Maria also heard about the village through couchsurfing. We got the mine gig through couchsurfing, the radio shows and train tickets through couchsurfing. We met through couchsurfing. It's runs our lives ;)

So today Maria is updating her CV and portfolio and I'm finishing the recording of two new albums to send out, and try to raise some more funds. The tandem wiped out our savings and I need money for coconuts.

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