Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New album (2): As it was now

The second album is a collection of topical songs based on the news that I wrote back in Europe and put on youtube, but never got around to recording. Thankfully Gadaffi is holding onto power so it's still topical. I haven't had a chance to write more news-songs as the boat had no connection to the outside world, and travelling and busking leaves little time to read the newspaper. Instead I have been writing more about my experiences and the people I meet and local issues. I was thinking about this on the boat and had the idea to rearrange all my albums, organising the songs by where I wrote them, rather than when I recorded them, and call the collection the 'Troubadour Chronicles'. So this album 'As it was now' will only be available in this form for a month.


1. Revolutions 2011 [2:16]
2. CEO [3:27]
3. Plastic sea [2:24]
4. Another dead man in Afghanistan [4:32]
5. Liberate Libya [2:08]
6. A day out in Detroit [3:05]
7. Mohamed Bouazizi [2:42]
8. Dear shareholder [3:50]
9. The US economy [2:29]
10. The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones [1:53]
11. After the Olympics has gone [2:22]
12. Killing the kids (Jamie Oliver Blues) [2:47]

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