Monday, 5 April 2010

Computer time

I have such an enormous amount of shit to take care of on the computer that I haven't had time to do. Promotion for this tour would be a good idea. Booking for Oregon, Washington and San Francisco. Iceland end-June. England in August. The other 48 countries in Europe for September to December. And a database for New Zealand in January-February. Advancing for the next two weeks and arranging couches. Putting the acoustic album together as a record. Plus a hundred other little things. Cycling and caving is all good fun but I need to string some solid hours together on the laptop. Booking is like songwriting in that you really have to swing the weight of your mind over to press down on it or you just can't make an impact on it. An hour here or there just stresses you out. Oh well. These next three days are in the studio in Philadelphia and then making another video - for 'the Searcher' - on Wednesday. The last video was so well-received that I think it's important.

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