Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Loading up before the journey

Deb is a part if a local organic cooperative, a shop just open to
members. Co-ops are really popular in Canada.

They were great hosts. I really got an insight into Canadian culture,
and it turns out there are lots of people who are Canadian that you
would never have thought. I should do a top ten... Jim Carey and Mike
Myers. Michael J Fox. Ellen Page. She's from Halifax.

Just like all Americans have guns, D&D were typical Canadians with
their case of seal clubs, although Doug says a lot of people use
tazers now, which they say is more humane.


  1. I'd prefer to kill them with my bare hands but even other Canadians think this is a little inhumane... and they are kind of slippery too.

  2. a point of correction (and i didn't explain this part): the co-op is open to all, but only members have keys for the after hours sales. count yourself lucky!
    oh, didn't you know.... we club our beavers too. guess we forgot to mention that. any mammal which swims in the water with a fine pelt is up for the taking.
    and totally glad you mentioned ellen page. i believe i saw her when i was walking to the pool on tuesday night. completely forgot to tell you that.

  3. Yes, fortunately you did not get clubbed yourself when you went to the pool... count yourself lucky. Oh and by the way, Ellen Page is our next couch surfer. She likes to cook seal meat... but just for fun, not to eat.