Monday, 4 April 2011


We're just about to get on the bikes and leave Mallacoota. Alec is going to try and ride today. It was raining all night but now the sun is out. We should be on the road by 9. We had a great time here with John and Joyce. John runs the strum club, which is a community music group here. We played with them on Sunday and then did the open mic afterwards in Lucy's. Besides that we just rested in front of the log fire in their beautiful homemade mudbrick house, overlooking the bay. John took us out on his little boat and we did some fishing, and then had a BBQ on one of the islands.
Developers were trying to build a big breakwater here to increase boating and tourism, but it would ruin the surfing and the beach. I wrote a song inspired by it and John took us over to play it for the protest organisers. It is a great community they have here.

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