Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fasnacht: Carnival carnage

I've been in Basel for the last two days - either it's carnival time or someone's put LSD in the water supply.

Not for those with Coulrophobia

The same music is everywhere - just flutes and drums - imagine an American civil war re-enactment soundtrack

All the marchers wear a mask of some description.

Each group of marchers has a satirical theme. This year's big success was Gadaffi, who had suggested that Switzerland be cut and divided between its neighbours.

 They're huge lanterns which four guys carry or push around the streets.

Al Jazeera had sent a camera crew to film the event, and check it wasn't anti-islamic.

One of the squares is filled with lanterns after the parade.

 Berlusconi was another popular figure for fun.

Some were quite strong.

After the parade (which was still going on all night and day for three days) we went to an absinthe bar.

The gang.

The rest is a blur.

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