Saturday, 27 February 2010

Musig Bistrot - Bern, Switzerland

The venue was quite a swish restaurant. Not many people though. It's
one of the certainties that a quite show follows a great show.

In and out of Bern. Nice from what I saw. The hotel was next to the
venue so that wasn't much. I envied the skiers walking through town to
the station with their skis. I've never been skiing. I could have made
some time but then I'm quite unfit and I would be bound to do some
damage and i have to drive around America for 16 weeks.

I've not done anyway near enough work on the tour. I need about 20
more shows. Managing to fill all the dates is the bare minimum.
Sending out posters, flyers, interviews, promotion, etc. But that
would just kill me. Because when I'm on that tour I'll have to be
booking the rest of the year in Europe.

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