Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bosch Bar, Zurich CH

Before the big run. A three kilometer sledge ride through the woods
with Imre, the guy I'm staying with and his friend Ulia. We took the
train up the mountain after dinner and took about an hour to get down.
It was a blast.

Zurich is an easy city to get along with. We like each other a lot.
The show went really well. It's the second time I've played the city
and it clicks with the people here. The Bosch bar is run by volunteers
every Monday night in an old warehouse and only gets going at 12
o'clock. It was thick snow but still a good turnout.

I'm staying with Imre again tonight. Two nights in the same place on
tour feels like a week. Time moves so slowly, in a good way. The days
are full and fattened. I'm taking it all in.

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